Here at House Of Artist, we understand the creativity behind every project. Between the state-of-the-art types of equipment, we use the most trustworthy mastering software and the most professional tools to produce the most admirable results achievable. As we ensure you remain inspired through every step of the recording process, we also ensure to provide you the most excellent finishing touches through the mastering method. 


We do our greatest work within every step of the mastering method to bring your thoughts to life without any limits. 


Our top-quality mastering service is the perfect way to reach the limit you’re looking for in a shorter time and with less effort. All you have to do is visit our recording studio in Dubai and experience getting your records mastered in the most excellent ways possible. 


With House Of Artist, you’re never alone within any step! Your success is ours, so why not work together during every step? Combine your talent with our professional work, and impress every listener’s heart with the most notable audio mastering, as your music is an art itself. 


Get behind the mic, and hand us the hard work!


our equipment.

We see endless possibilities to enhance any audio record and explore all of them to develop those records to their most excellent levels. As we are located in Dubai, we are always seeking to be on the top of the list of Dubai's recording studios. This makes using the most elegant tools available essential for the perfect finishing that would steal your and your listener's heart as well.


technical knowledge.

Our commitment to technical knowledge and expertise supports the capability to focus on producing the most exceptional records conceivable. Here at House Of Artist, you'll get the opportunity of being one of the most loved musicians and voice-over producers all over the UAE.


suitable strategies .

As soon as you give us a visit, you'll see how trustworthy our team is while we do everything we can to give you the most desirable results using our professional devices and expert skills. We also will be guiding you through your dream-chasing with the most suitable strategies as partners.

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Our recording studio’s history is filled with the most exquisite rehearsal and recording sessions. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to record your podcast, rap song, voice-over, music, or song, then don’t worry!

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