We at House Of Artist in Dubai, believe that with the proper tools, everything can be done simpler, and more professionally. Ever since the first step and to the last one, the equipment used is a very essential part of the entire method. That’s why here at House Of Artist in Dubai, you’ll be having your vocal and video projects produced professionally with the most exquisite equipment available in the market.


We are always doing our best to keep up with musical tools technology to always have the finest and most modern equipment available, for better results. This means that we do our best for you to have your project’s production being enhanced as technology is developing as well.


You might be wondering “What can modern tools do differently that’s considered so important?” Actually, with modern tools, recorded vocals can come up more precisely, the quality of edits that can be done increases, improving your sound tone and joining extra impressions and effects to it is much more satisfying with the advanced tools than the old ones, and at the same time, producing the real version of your imaginative ideas about your video creation can be performed more detailed and with many impacts and extra accessories that traditional tools are not able to implement.


our studio.

That's why we only use modern equipment, starting with isolating products, microphones, computers, and more till the very last tool used. With our expertise devices, talented producers, and well-trained sound engineers, you can experience your music, vocals, and podcasting at its most extraordinary level.


everything you need.

Everything you crave for a well-sounding record and good-looking video is possible with our recording studio in Dubai!

Engage with your faithful fans and make new ones with the most remarkable services that we produce in our recording studio in Dubai, where you can find everything your projects require professionally done for the most extraordinary results and for unbeatable prices.


Book your appointment at House Of Artist, and let us manage the hard work while you relish your dreams coming true. 


With House Of Artist in Dubai, your goals are ours as well.

Our recording studio’s history is filled with the most exquisite rehearsal and recording sessions. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to record your podcast, rap song, voice-over, music, or song, then don’t worry!

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