Artist Residency

We at House Of Artist offer the most notable artist residential opportunities as well! If you’re seeking the perfect chance for working in temporary digital and electronic music, and crossovers within music, then this is the ideal spot for you at House Of Artist in Dubai. 


Wherever you’re coming from, with your talent, you’ll have a great opportunity to improve your talent with us in our audio recording studio in Dubai.


We at House Of Artist also study the differences in financial resources, housing, and studio tools, purpose and selection modes, training, presenting, and networking within every project depending on what it takes to improve it to the most exceptional level and bring out the best in the artist’s talent.


our programs.

Grow your talent with our residency programs that will steal your heart, and provide you with what you're looking for in the most extraordinary ways probable. Our primary goal is to support audio producers to the max within every step by providing the perfect atmosphere through the different approaches we use with every artist.


your talent.

Depending on what your talent requires for the finest results, we make up the right strategy that suits you absolutely with the right time required and other assistance demanded to produce the most stunning results achievable.



Each individual artist-in-residence guide in our recording studio in Dubai is subjected to development, and every plan is created depending on the condition and what it requires. This means that we only make decisions that completely suit joining your talent with our expert methods at the same time.

Contact us at our recording studio at House Of Artist in Dubai, apply for our artist residency programs, and enjoy creating an artistic spotlight for yourself all over the UAE, with the most professional and creative team you’ve ever joined. Don’t let your fantasies fade when you can make them come true easily with House Of Artist in Dubai. 


When it comes to audio recording, podcasting, music recordings, video crating, and residence programs, you can depend on us till the very last step.

Our recording studio’s history is filled with the most exquisite rehearsal and recording sessions. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to record your podcast, rap song, voice-over, music, or song, then don’t worry!

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