In the world of recording studios, we at House Of Artist consider every detail as an important part to produce the most exquisite records. You might be thinking “What’s so important about the arrangements & creation stuff?” In order to have clear and good-sounding results, there’s a wide range of equipment and accessories that can improve the recording process more professionally. 


Here at House Of Artist, while artists are doing their thing pleasantly, our team of record producers and sound engineers perform expert audio mixing consoles, impacts systems, and more in the control room. 


As we believe that modern recording equipment including the microphone and all other types of products are super effective in a great way. For example, the right microphone if used in its right place can make your voice sound much better, and knowing the aura around you is equipped correctly makes your performance much more comfortable and confident. Here at House Of Artist, all you need to have the ideal musical and audio shows are provided for your pleasure and satisfaction only.


With our recording studio in Dubai, your talent is the most important part of the project.


our studio.

The standard recording studio involves a room called the ``live room``, which we believe, must be designed carefully with the right microphones, mic stands, comfortable aura, and the right products that completely isolate the walls, windows, and door as well. This means that the atmosphere where instrumentalists and vocalists perform should be totally comfortable and well-controlled at the same time.


technical tools.

With technology developing on a none stop basis, we are always doing our best to keep up with it by having the most elegant and advanced tools available in the market. We also have the ability to professionally create the aura and music effects that fit your project best.


caring for the details.

We care for you, your happiness, comfort, and enjoyment as well. That's why we put your pleasure as the most important part to focus on through any project. Recording and performing sound shows should be fun and professional at the same time. That's the main reason why we always try to combine them so you can get both entertainment, and the most astonishing finishes as well.

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Our recording studio’s history is filled with the most exquisite rehearsal and recording sessions. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to record your podcast, rap song, voice-over, music, or song, then don’t worry!

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